MozeGear pap PICO

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 2 Channel Pre-Amp with monitoring and optional Timecode Generator

*Easy to set & use with our patented “EZ-Level” system 

*Small and Compact Size 

*Unrivaled Audio Clarity


  • At 5.1 ounces, the Pico is feather light and won’t throw off the balance of gimbals and drones.  It also has the footprint size of a credit card that is small enough to be mounted anywhere on your camera. (3.4”x1.98”x1.1”)

  • Compatible with all popular cameras (Arri, Red, Canon, Panasonic…)

  • Our patented “EZ-Level” system makes setting audio levels a breeze.   

  • Very accurate timecode generator (optional feature) with12 hour battery

  • Headphone monitoring with a return and 4 switchable settings

  • 2  high-end mic level preamps with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 50 kHz

  • Professional features: 2 limiters, high pass filter, & 48v phantom power (Ch A)

  • Low power consumption design that can run off camera battery or USB power supply.  (5v to 18v)

  • Quiet, warm, sound that offers clarity and detail to the audio.  It gives you that full, clear sound.

  • Headphone output can be used for playback (via return) or as another output

  • Quick to use  with rotary knobs and switches. (great for “run & gun”) 

  • Optional small camera mount

  • Durable aluminum chassis with locking connectors 

  • Made and serviced in the USA with 2 year warranty (2nd service center in the UK)