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Designed for the DSMC2 camera system, the DSMC2 REDVOLT® XL Module mounts seamlessly to the back of the BRAIN®—and select other I/O expanders—to provide support for long-lasting and rechargeable REDVOLT® XL batteries. The DSMC2 REDVOLT XL Module features a smaller, more ergonomic design with one dual-action release button for removing an attached battery.

The DSMC2 REDVOLT XL Module offers a DC IN power port that can be used to power the camera system when the module is attached to the BRAIN. An included protective baseplate enables the DSMC2 REDVOLT XL Module to serve as a portable and stand-alone REDVOLT XL battery charger. Plug in the DSMC® AC Power Adaptor to the 6-pin 1B LEMO DC IN connector on the module and connect a REDVOLT XL battery. While the module is mounted to the BRAIN, it will only charge an attached REDVOLT XL battery if the BRAIN is powered off.

Two rear-facing auxiliary ports provide power for external camera accessories while remaining out of the operator’s way while shooting.