2 Pack of QUASAR "B-Stock" 2' lights (Yellow Striper)

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Two foot lights.

Sold in packs of two tubes (lights). The price is $150 per tube, $300 per 2-pack. 

These are the version one switch tubes; also now considered "B-stock". They have a small yellow stripe....

Color Temp Options: 3000k/5600k Switch

Power Connect Options:
- Grounded Single End

Included with every Tube (remember there are 2 tubes in each package!):

    • 2 - Q Boots with each Tube  (total of 4 per pack!)
    • 1 - Power Adapter with each Tube (total of 2 per pack!)


Color Rendering Index: 95 CRI +
Flicker Free
Dimmer Compatible

Because these are generation 1 / version 1, Quasar is only going to warranty them for 30 days. All lights have been tested by Cine Sauce staff and are operable at time of shipping.