Bright Tangerine Misfit ATOM Clamp Kit

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Misfit Atom
4x5.65 / 4x4 ultra lightweight 2-stage clip on mattebox.
Designed with gimbals and Steadicam in mind, it’s exceptionally small and light.  Weighing in at just 98g, without the sunshade, and 195g with it.

Retractable Top Flag.
Lightweight light control.
The carbon fibre top flag gives your Misfit ATOM better light control and helps improve contrast and resolution.  The top flag is easily retractable for use with or without the shade and barely adds any weight to the system.

Tilting filter trays.
The tray less filter holder allows you to load filters directly into the core, keeping weight to an absolute minimum.  There are two positions for filter placement.  Standard/flat and tilted/diagonal to eliminate unwanted flares.  You can use one or two filters. Either 4x4 or 4x5.65, or even a combination of both.

The clamp is 114mm, and you can connect to virtually any lens with the range of Misfit adaptors.  You can also add a rod-mount system in 15mm LWS, 15mm Studio and 19mm Studio.

4" x 5.65" / 4" x 4" - Mattebox
114 mm Clamp, Shade
A.R.F Bracket