Bright Tangerine Kippertie Revolva/Adapta RF-to-PL Lens Adapter Support for RED KOMODO

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Secure your lens mount adapter to your RED KOMODO® and remove any unwelcome flex or play in the mount. This support uses a 4-point harness and it requires you to have both LeftField side & top plates attached.

  • Contoured design to specifically fit the matched adapter
  • Completely locks off and removes any flex & wiggle from the camera to the adapter
  • Prevents micro-movements in all axis which can affect focus calibration
  • 4-point harness – mounts to LeftField side rails, top rail & the adapter
  • Simple to install and remove when swapping mounts & adapters
  • Interchangeable with other LeftField Adapter Supports for the Komodo


LeftField Adapter Supports for the RED KOMODO® are a system of custom-made adaptors for use with third-party lens mount adapters. They provide a completely rigid mount, and are interchangeable.


Securing your adapter is vital to eliminate movement which can cause issues with back focus, lens calibration and shim configuration. The LeftField Adapter Supports create a 4-point harness by connecting to the adapter which is then secured to both the left, right, and top rails anchored to the camera. This secures the adapter against forces in any axis of movement, whether the camera is moving at 100mph on a tracking vehicle, doing pans on a tripod or in a fast-paced handheld situation.


You’ll need the LeftField Side Plate Kit (B4002.0015) & Top Rail (B4002.1007) or Run/Stop Top Rail (B4002.1027).
Unlike other mount support systems, the LeftField Adapter supports don’t require the baseplate to be attached, so it can be used on minimal camera builds for handheld, aerial and gimbal work. When using larger lenses, we still recommend using a lens support, such as rods, to remove any flex from the lens to the mount.


The supports come with the required mounting hardware for each adaptor.
Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. Every adapter is laser-engraved to be quickly identified for the job. Every LeftField Adapter Support is supplied with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.


The RF mount on the Komodo is a sprung mount system, and relies on small springs inside the mount to pull the adapter into the right place.

If the adapter support is installed incorrectly, it can result in the lens adapter being pushed or tilted in the wrong direction, which can result in focus and other optical issues.

View the instruction guides below:

B4002.1019 – Vocas RF-PL Support Installation

B4002.1020 – Kippertie RF Support Installation

B4002.1021 – Metabones RF-PL Support Installation

B4002.1026 –  Canon 0.71x Expander Support Installation