MDR-X EF Kit With 4 Axis Controller

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If you need assistance selecting your RT Motion kit, please contact us and one of our experts will assist you. 

This is a complete electronic focus RTMotion system with LATITUDE MDR-X Receiver and MK3.1 Controller. Simply add any Thumbwheels, motors, run/stop cables, power options and accessories your specific setup requires.

This kit is perfect for any DSMC or DSMC2 RED camera when used with Canon EF or Nikon lenses - Control focus and iris of EF lenses as well as ISO, Shutter, Runstop, 2xMag, Edge and many other camera functions. 

To use this wireless follow focus on any camera and PL lens just add motors (and cables). 

    • Supports all current and future LATITUDE features
    • Cinema quality wireless control of PL glass - Supports up to three motors
    • Our flagship three channel LATITUDE platform receiver
    • Wireless controller with four customisable axes (Knob, Slider, Wheel A, Wheel B)
    • Well over 1km rock-solid wireless range, ideal for busy cities, stadiums and other harsh RF environments
    • Supports up to two Thumbwheels via IN-1 and IN-2 ports
    • Supports Run/Stop on RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and many other common cameras with a range of camera cables

    • Includes

      • MK3.1 Controller (RTM-3016)
      • MDR-X Receiver (RTM-4510)
      • Latitude DTAP Power Cable (RTM-8820)
      • 2m Controller Wired Mode Cable (RTM-8312)
      • RTMotion Case (RTM-9200)
      • Receiver rod clamp (RTM-6100)
      • RTMotion Neck-strap (RTM-6500)
      • LP-E6 Duracell Battery (RTM-6360)
      • LP-E6 Travel charger (RTM-6361)
      • White disc x3 (RTM-6300)

    • Important:

      Currently you can only control EF lenses via LATITUDE (without external lens motors) on a RED DSMC or DSMC2 camera, for other cameras you will need to add lens motors. Remember to add a RED CTRL cable to your order to control EF lenses on RED.