DSMC2 Red Armor-W

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RED® ARMOR-W is an upgraded coverage program for DSMC2 (DSMC2 MONSTRO, DSMC2 HELIUM, DSMC2 GEMINI) and RED WEAPON cameras. There are two primary benefits - increased warranty protection, and a sensor swap service. The warranty portion offers additional coverage for accidental sensor damage, including laser damage. The sensor swap service offers the ability for customers to buy into a bank of available sensors, and send their cameras into RED to have their sensor (and front enclosure) exchanged.

What are the benefits?

  • Standard RED ARMOR coverage plus any accidental sensor damage for the covered camera
  • Ability to enroll into an annual extension warranty term with up to five (5) years total coverage
  • One sensor swap or damaged sensor replacement per year
  • Camera health check and tune-up with every sensor swap or damaged sensor replacement
  • Customers can purchase one camera and have access to multiple sensors

Who is initially eligible?

RED ARMOR-W is open to:

  • WEAPON CF and WEAPON [Limited Edition] cameras
  • New sensor purchases after the launch of the MONSTROTM 8K VV sensor on October 5th, 2017

Which sensors will be eligible to purchase under RED ARMOR-W?

  • HELIUM 8K S35
  • HELIUM 8K S35 Monochrome
  • GEMINI 5K S35

What is the pricing?

RED ARMOR-W is $5,900 with a 2-year commitment.

At the end of the two (2) years, you are eligible to enroll in an annual renewal for $2,950 per year for up to an additional three (3) years (for five (5) years of total coverage)

How much does it cost to swap a sensor?

One (1) free sensor swap per year, each additional sensor swap is $1,950.

How much do sensors cost?

  • $39,500 for an 8K VV sensor
  • $9,500 for an 8K S35 sensor
  • $4,950 for a 5K S35 sensor

When can a customer enroll in RED ARMOR-W?

Customers are eligible to enroll in RED ARMOR-W at any of the following times:

  • When a new DSMC2 camera (DSMC2 MONSTRO, DSMC2 HELIUM, DSMC2 GEMINI) is purchased
  • When a new sensor is purchased

How will customers swap sensors?

After purchasing RED ARMOR-W and the new sensor, the customer will contact RED Product Support to arrange for the camera to be shipped to RED Headquarters. Once the camera is shipped to RED, the sensor swap is performed. 

At the time of sensor swap, a full camera health check and tune-up will also occur.

Can RED ARMOR be upgraded to RED ARMOR-W?

Yes, if the WEAPON camera currently has active RED ARMOR a discount will be provided with the purchase of RED ARMOR-W. Contact your Sales representative for additional details.

Is RED ARMOR-W transferable?

No, RED ARMOR-W is not transferable from one camera to another nor from customer to customer.